Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Did you know coconut oil has multiple uses? You can use it for the household, cooking, health, and beauty. Some may argue that coconut oil is healthier than olive oil. It’s very easy to find and is an affordable, cheap alternative! You can purchase coconut oil from online retailers, like Amazon, or in stores such as WalMart, Target, Safeway.  Continue reading

Waterproof makeup recommendations

With the summer months quickly approaching, that calls for beach trips, poolside chilling, and many other water related activities to stay cool and hydrated. For those that still want to wear makeup, it’s tough wearing makeup without looking like you cried your face off at the end of the activity. Here are some waterproof makeup recommendations that will hopefully change your life.  Continue reading

Festival Makeup Season

Festival season is finally here! Not only is the atmosphere such good vibes but the outfits, accessories, and makeup looks are fun to create. You can express your style, music, confidence through your makeup look. Some opt for an over the top and trendy look and others opt for a more natural look. It depends on your style and personality. We’ll touch on some of the most common festival makeup looks and how to maintain it so you can get the best picture perfect shot for your social media accounts.  Continue reading