Spring Trends

Winter is quickly coming to close. Stores are starting to bring in or announce their spring collections. That means it’s time to say goodbye to those gothic lips and penny copper eyeshadows that many wore religiously. Here are some spring 2017 trends to look out for and try:

  1.  The 80’s looks have been making a bold comeback on the runways. It includes bright and neon eyeshadows and pink blush. A lot of bold colors on clean skin will attract others to main focus on your face.
  2. Other trendy eyeshadow colors will be pastels, pink, lavender, blue, seafoam green, orange, yellow and shimmer.
  3. Gloss will also be making a comeback. Add a swipe of gloss onto the lids, cheekbones and collarbones. One trick is the glossy kohl look, which black eyeliner is smudged and blended on eye and then topped off with gloss.
  4. Ladies will definitely want to switch up their eyeliner routine. Instead of grabbing for the black eyeliner, opt for a blue or brown eyeliner. Adding a bright eyeliner, such as white or glitter, under the lower lash line will play up the regular black cat eye. For those that are tired of the cat eye look, they can try a small half flick on the corners of the eyes. It’s subtler than a cat eye but the elongating eyeliner gives it a kitten-like effect.
  5. Glitter lips will still be trending in the spring thanks to makeup artist Pat McGrath, so stock up on the chocolate glitter lips. This look can be easily achieved by wearing any color lip (it doesn’t have to be chocolate), swiping on gloss and then patting on the glitter.
  6. Other lip trends are coral lips, two-tone lips, red lips, ombre-orange lips, and blurred lips. Two-tone lips can be achieved by simple wearing one shade on top and a different one on the bottom. Red lips are meant to be worn this coming season with a bronzed skin or a no makeup makeup look , which is very minimal makeup like just mascara and light blush. Ombre-orange lips requires the orange lip color to fade out as it gets closer to the center of the lips. Blurred lips are almost reverse of ombre lips. Instead, diffuse the edges and add more color to the center of the lips.
  7. This brand new trend, called draping, might just be the new contouring of this season. It acts like a contour, blush and highlighter in one. Draping is wearing the blush high up on the corners of the cheeks and to the sides of the eyes. It’s meant to be done with pink blush.

Although there are much more makeup trends to be looking out for this coming spring season, here are just one of many that seemed interesting and worth a try.