How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

As important it is to take care of the skin, it’s also important to clean the makeup brushes. Using the same brushes repeatedly and not cleaning it allows the bacteria and dirt to build up. Think of makeup brushes like washing your hair. The brushes need to be cleaned because the bacteria and dirt can cause skin breakouts or any other irritation. It is recommended by many experts that the brushes are cleaned once a month. But how do we clean them?

It’s simple.

First, examine the brushes. Are they lightly or heavily soiled by makeup? If they are heavily soiled, this extra step will be needed to taken. Take a folded paper towel and put a small drop of olive or almond oil on it. Dip and swirl the the bristles of the brush into the oil. Don’t completely soak it. Instead, gently run the brush back and forth on the towel to loosen the dirt.

If the bristles re lightly soiled, you may clean them without the extra step. Take the brushes and run them over lukewarm water. Make sure the water doesn’t get into the handle because it could loosen the glue over time that holds the bristles. It’s best to angle the brush downwards. You can either get a cup or use your pal to put the soap in and swirl the brush around until the makeup is rinsed off. Some may use baby shampoo, dish soap or a bar soap.

After the makeup is completely rinsed off, take a cloth towel an pat the brushes dry. Do not lay them to dry on a paper towel because it could build up mildew. Also, do not blow dry or lay the brushes upright to dry because it could damage the glue inside. Instead, lay the handle flat on the table or counter with the bristles sticking out.  Sometimes the brushes may lose its form when it gets wet and is laying down to dry. To get their shape back, fluff the brushes and it’s ready to be used.