The 6 face products when you’re running late or feeling lazy

Being the queen of being late, I know how it is to rush getting ready and looking presentable… almost on the daily. There’s just so much to do in one day and so little time. Sometimes we may oversleep past our alarms or feel too lazy to get all dolled up. Here are my 5 face products when you’re running late or feeling lazy.  Continue reading


Difference between highlighting and strobing

Many people can argue that highlighting and strobing is the same thing. I mean, you’re basically putting highlight all over your face in the same areas. So what’s the difference? Why not just call it highlighting instead of two different terms?  Continue reading

Tips to make your makeup last longer and your face oily-free

How many of you have oily skin or maybe your makeup is gone by the end of the day? Then, you find yourself looking for tissue papers or even using toilet seat cover papers, worst case scenario, to dab the oil out. It’s inconvenient, especially on those long days when you’re running around doing things yet you still have to look put together. It’s frustrating. Here are some tips that have worked for me.  Continue reading

Drugstore vs High-End Makeup

According to Statista, the cosmetic industry’s total revenue in 2016 was about 62.46 billion dollars. That’s a great amount of products we are spending each year whether it is mascara, lipstick, and foundation. The makeup industry is split into two categories: drugstore and high-end. There’s so many options to choose from but which is better? Is it better to play the safe route and save your hard-earned money on the drugstore brands or splurge on the high-end brands?  Continue reading