Drugstore vs High-End Makeup

According to Statista, the cosmetic industry’s total revenue in 2016 was about 62.46 billion dollars. That’s a great amount of products we are spending each year whether it is mascara, lipstick, and foundation. The makeup industry is split into two categories: drugstore and high-end. There’s so many options to choose from but which is better? Is it better to play the safe route and save your hard-earned money on the drugstore brands or splurge on the high-end brands? 

There are a few reasons why the high-end makeup costs more than drugstore.  Because it is a brand name, it has status. For an example, everyone knows what a Chanel lipstick is compared to Cover Girl that you only find in drugstores and other cheaper stores like WalMart. High-end makeup also have better applicators, packaging and increased pigmentation. The application devices tend to be made better such as sturdier and fluffier. Using the high-end makeup brushes and sponges can make a huge difference on how the makeup looks on your skin. The packaging is pretty and flashy and doesn’t feel as cheap as the drugstore makeup. The increased pigmentation has better color payoff so you don’t have to use as much or keep applying the product.

However, deciding where to save and splurge depends on each person and their skin types. Some may have allergic reactions to certain products or have different preferences. These are all my opinion and these products are what I recommend saving and splurging on.

I would save on blush, contour, lipstick, and lip gloss.

Blush is easy to build and I personally don’t use too much. They also have the longest makeup life, which last for a year.

I definitely will get a lot oppositions for lipstick but there are definitely a lot of great cheap brands that can be dupes of the high-end ones. We are constantly talking, eating and drinking so it’s easy for the lipstick to wear off. Some great inexpensive brands are NYX, L’Oreal, Colour Pop. However, feel free to spend on the high-end brands like MAC because those are amazing as well and is long-lasting.

I found out recently that many lip glosses have the same formulas and contain some ingredient combination of lanolin oil, polybutene, and microcrystalline wax. I recommend not being picky with lip glosses because essentially they are all the same and they’re much easier to wear off than lipstick

I would splurge on foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, highlight, bronzer, and contour.. That’s a lot to splurge but trust me. It’s worth it.

Foundation and concealer is the most personal to a person because of their skin type and shade. The more high-end brands have a wider variety of the shades that will be able to match up with a person’s skin better. Also, the stores that have the high-end brand often have the service for the employees to skin the customer. Instead of trying to match yourself with the drugstore ones with no testers or packaging you can open, it’s hard to base off the formula shade just by putting it next to your skin. Each formula blends in differently to each skin type and color.

Eyeshadows have increased pigmentation and the pay off is beautiful. One swipe or two is all you need versus constantly building up the colors. To intensify the eyeshadow, especially if it is metallic or glitter, many mist water to the brush and apply the eyeshadow, It gives a great pigmented finish.

High-end eyeshadow powders and liners tend to last longer and last throughout the day. Some can last from 6-12 months and is better pigmented too. You can nap with your brows on and it’ll still look as good when you wake up.

Although, I recommend splurging on mascara and eyeliner there are a few cheap eyeliners that work as well. For an example, the L’Oreal’s Felt Tip Liquid Liner and Maybelline’s The Colossal Volum Express, is long-lasting and are great dupes but will not survive a crying session or wet area. I found that waterproof eyeliners and mascara stand the test of time.

I cannot stress how much bronzer, contour and highlight is worth splurging on. Those products accentuate our face. The high-end brands will give better pay off with less application.