8 things that happen when you get serious about makeup

Would you consider yourself a makeup addict? If you went from liking makeup to absolutely loving and obsessing with it, every makeup addict can relate to this on a deep level. It’s a struggle or blessing depending on how you look at it that every makeup addict goes through every day. 

  1. You follow all your favorite brands on social media and is one of the first ones to know all about their new releases.

If you own a smartphone, laptop or iPad, all your social media follows your favorite brands. Your feed consists of at least 75% makeup. You like, comment, and share almost all the posts to your friends or fellow makeup junkies. You’re always ready to be one of the first ones in line at a store of event for a new makeup launch or product release

2. You follow and chase after the limited edition products.

Because you’re constantly on social media, you know all the updates and new releases. You’re always ready to be one of the first ones in line at a store of event for a new makeup launch or product release. You tend to buy the limited editions and show them off on social media and in reality.

3. Eyebrows become the most important feature on your face, even more than eyeliner.

Once upon a time, eyeliner used to be the most prized possession. They had to be so sharp that it could kill. However, it is still very important to look perfect but eyebrows have now taken the crown. Every makeup wearer loves perfectly arched eyebrows. Even though they’re filled in, they need to look natural. It can’t look harsh or too dark and must match your current hair color. Makeup wearers these day might judge or praise you by your eyebrows. It can be the ultimate insult or the ultimate compliment.

4. Your highlight and contour needs to be on point.

All makeup addicts know the effects of contour and highlight. They can do wonders because it can accentuate features and shape out your face. Contour can make your cheeks pop and give you that Kim Kardashian makeup look. As for highlight, it has to be blinding. Every makeup wearer will praise you for those chiseled cheekbones and blinding highlight.

5. You feel the tendency to want to correct others’ makeup.

So you think you’re a pro at makeup now? Every experienced makeup wearer has watched endless tutorials and studied photos on how to do makeup. If you have perfected the art of makeup, then you feel it is your duty to help others who have not quite mastered it yet. A lot of time you catch yourself staring at others’ makeup and want to help blend in those harsh lines.

6. You’re a hoarder and frequently ask yourself, “do I really need this?”

You probably have more than enough makeup for three people. You might even have doubles of certain products for fear of running out of them. Every time you walk into the store and see makeup, you question yourself and constantly need to justify your purchases. You even look to friends and family for their advice.

7. Sephora and Ulta or any store that sells makeup becomes dangerous territory.

You’re not a makeup addict unless you have a rewards or credit card for Sephora and/or Ulta. Every time you pass by it, you’re pining to go in and use all your force not to enter. However, somehow you end up in Sephora and shift the blame on someone else. You end up spending what seems like hours trying to find the right eyeshadow palette and testing the new highlights.

8. You become depressed when you don’t buy a product or it breaks and you have to replace it.

The saddest moment in every makeup addict’s life is not their uneven brows but when you skip the chance to buy a certain product or your favorite product finally breaks. When you don’t buy that popular product, you feel as if you’re the odd one that’s not keeping up with the trends. You instantly regret it because everyone is loving and raving about it. When your favorite product breaks, it feels as if it is the end of world because often times it was expensive and you may have just bought it.