Best products for traveling

With these summer months quickly approaching, many of us are jetting off to different places in the world. Maybe not everyone is traveling the world, but many of us will be driving to places out of town whether it’s a few hours away or more. It’s hard to take all our makeup items, especially the full sized ones, when we’re on the go. 

When I’m traveling, I like to bring the least amount of items I possibly can. It gets annoying hauling so much belongings, especially if I don’t use half of the things and I’m trying to cram my souvenirs too. It’s important for me to bring makeup items that are small, compact, and can be used for multiple reasons. Here are my favorite traveling products to bring.

  1. Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Lengthening Mascara Mini, $12 

I love this mascara. It’s small and easy to throw into your bag. The mascara also does a great job darkening, lengthening and bringing drama to your lashes. This mascara never fails me.

2. Cream contour: NYX Wonder Stick, $11.99

We all love our Anastasia cream contour but that can be a little too large to haul on trips. When I’m on the go, I swap my Anastasia for NYX. The Wonder Stick is double-ended and comes with the contour and highlight. It makes shaping out my face easier with just a little twist from both ends.

3. Cream powder contour, bronzer, blush, highlight: Tarte Tartiest Contour Palette, $45; Tartiest Contour Palette x@MakeupbyShayla, $45; Tartiest Contour Palette Volume III, $45

This is my go to palette when I don’t want to fuss and shift through contour, blush, bronzer and highlight products. I have the Shayla edition and I love it because it has all of those. I just need brushes and I’m good to go. I also really like that the colors are pigmented so I don’t have to keep building it on.