Ulta vs Sephora

Are you an Ulta or a Sephora girl? That’s the age old question I get asked by many beauty junkies too. Some say Ulta is a sin to be caught shopping at while others say differently. I like both and here’s why. 

I love both Ulta and Sephora. I shop at both. There’s no shame in having a rewards card for both stores. I’m sure both of my cards have points in the double or triple digits. I think they have their own perks.

Ulta has a variety of all things beauty: makeup, hair, skincare, perfume and nails. I like that Ulta sends me coupons every week. In addition to buying makeup, I’m able to get discounts on other products. It saves me some money. Sometimes, they have promotional discounts, such as their 21 Days of Beauty in March. Those are my favorite and when I tend to spend the most at Ulta. I look for high-end expensive items that normally aren’t on sale or will never go on sale. For an example, the Chi straighteners, Urban Decay setting sprays, etc. A lot of the items in that promotion are usually half off or buy one, get one free. The cons of Ulta are besides that promotion, the high-end makeup are usually not eligible for coupons unless you are signed up for their credit card program. Depending on the location, some Ultas may be very small or large. In my hometown, it’s huge and has such a wide variety compared to my university city. I always wait to go back home to purchase things at Ulta.

Sephora has almost every high-end product you can think of. It’s like a candy store. I love that when building my points, I’m able to get a free sample product when I reach the certain amount. It makes up for the lack of discounts Sephora doesn’t give. It’s very rare that Sephora has any discounts. I usually find the buy one, get a sample type of promotion. Sephora is definitely my go to when I can’t find the higher end products at Ulta and when I’m buying little gifts or a gift card for a fellow gal.