Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Did you know coconut oil has multiple uses? You can use it for the household, cooking, health, and beauty. Some may argue that coconut oil is healthier than olive oil. It’s very easy to find and is an affordable, cheap alternative! You can purchase coconut oil from online retailers, like Amazon, or in stores such as WalMart, Target, Safeway. 

Although coconut oil does contain more saturated fat, it’s primarily lauric acid. This saturated fat is different than the fats from animals because the coconut oil has an unusually high amount of medium-chain fatty acids, which are harder for our bodies to store and easier to burn. It is less likely to form artery-clogging LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the blood to help improve cholesterol ratio levels. Coconut oil is also a natural energy booster, which is good for exercising. Other benefits are being a natural skin moisturizer by hydrating and soothing the skin and having a natural SPF. Its natural antioxidant properties make it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation. Many hair conditioners contain coconut oil because it’s better able to penetrate hair and prevent protein loss. It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. At room temperature, coconut oil is solid but it quickly melts when it comes in contact with your hands.

Here are some ways to use to coconut oil for the skin and hair that you can try at home:

  1. To soothe dry skin or as a lotion moistrurizer/shea butter for the body.
  2. Use as shaving cream.
  3. Hair deep conditioner
  4. Remove eye makeup
  5. Facial cleanser
  6. Add shine to hair and tame flyaways
  7. Body scrub