Top 3 favorite YouTube beauty gurus

Remember the old days of YouTube in 2009? I remember how brand new and the low quality beauty videos. I used to watch so many beauty gurus religiously every day. Sometimes I would run out of videos to watch and would look up other gurus to follow. Through the test of time, here are my top 3 favorite beauty Youtubers. 

  1. Bubzbeauty

Bubz was the one who got me into makeup, hair, skin, etc. I was a freshman in high school when I found her YouTube channel. I wasn’t really into makeup yet but I was all about hair. Initially I watched her for her hair tutorials but soon began falling in love with her makeup videos too. I started learning how to do my makeup because of her. The reason why I loved watching her videos was because they were short, quick and straight to the point. I hated watching videos that were super long. Most importantly, I looked up to Bubz because of her personality and who she was a person. She’s real, genuine, positive, and admits to her faults and struggles like any ordinary person. I loved that she still remains humble despite being successful and I grew up watching her grow as a person too.

2. Christendominique

I found Christen some time after Bubz. I’m not sure how. Maybe it was because her video popped up along the sidebars of related, similar video. I watched a couple videos and fell in love with her immediately. I loved how creative, sweet, and genuine she is. I always looked forward to what different makeup looks I’d get to learn. What also captivated me was how the videos were edited. Her editing, personality, and creativity is what reeled me in.

3. Thatsheart

I believe I found Heart through a collaboration video she did with Christen. After watching the video, I watched another video from Heart’s channel. Although Heart is more of a YouTube personality than a beauty guru, I still consider her as one. She does a variety of topics from beauty, fashion, tags, etc. I really love Heart’s personality too. She’s positive, friendly, and genuine. She makes her videos fun to watch and throws in some humor. Heart is definitely a YouTuber that will captivate you with her fun personality.