Personal Favorites

Every person has their personal favorite products that are tailored to their needs. These are top 3 makeup products that I use and religiously buy these whenever I run out. For many reasons, I always go back to these products when trying new, different ones fail. These are definitely my holy grail and can’t imagine replacing them with another product.

  1. SEPHORA COLLECTION: 10 Hr Wear Perfection Foundation

I have been wearing this foundation since I was 18 years old. Although I have tried a few others, I love this the most. It works for my skin. My skin is pretty clear and I don’t like to pack on too much foundation. I don’t like the cakey feeling. This foundation is lightweight and can be applied in layers. It’s also only $20 and comes in a ).84 Oz bottle so it’s affordable and worth it for he price because it can last for 6 months to a year.

2. Urban Decay: ALL NIGHTER Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I learned from a sorority sister the secret why her face doesn’t get as oily nor does her makeup slide off after a few hours. This setting spray gives me life. I just started using this a year ago and it definitely changed my life. It’s a little pricey, being $31, but it’s so worth it. My makeup lasts all day and I’m blotting my face to get rid of the excess oil much less. It’s super helpful when I have events, especially ones where I have to take photos the whole time.

3. L’OREAL: Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

Before I got hooked on this product, I only used Kat Von D and Stila liquid eyeliners. Don’t get me wrong, I still love both and would be willingly to buy them but, being a struggling college student, it is kind of hard to try to afford it every three months. I’m super picky when it comes to eyeliner and I wear it almost every day so I wanted something that I could get for a drugstore price and at least a does a decent job. That’s when my best friend introduced me to L’OREAL. Even though it’s not waterproof, it’s pretty long-lasting and stays on all day. Whenever I go out for the night and forget to take off my makeup sometimes (I know super gross!) I find at least 75% of eyeliner is still on. Even though I buy a new replacement the same amount of times as Kat Von D or Stila, I’m saving about $13 every time. Also, I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lens so it’s gentle enough for me to wear.